Corrupted Volume 2 Chapter 16

Banquet and sake

The meals prepared for the banquet were tremendous.

This is because two groups are grouped together. Because there were many membership fees collected for the banquet. Because you don’t need to bring in alcohol. And finally, it was for Renya to attend. The membership fee collected only for the banquet is 10,000 yen for men only. It also means that money is given to the right to hold Yuna as it is, and in the sense that it is sent to banquet dishes in full, it was the last minute line method for the meat urinal method.

And the banquet begins.

“Everyone is drinking?”

“The sake is delicious, Kyahahahahaha”

On the stage, Yuna and Anna are dancing with their hips.

“” “Yunachaan, the best !!” ”

男 Men with alcohol are cheering. The clothes that Yuna can wear are shameless maid clothes. It was something that could only be expressed. The jacket is designed with only sleeves and strings and does not hide the chest. Since she wears a frilled apron with no breasts, Yuna’s large breasts are emphasized and shaken. The skirt is the same size as the tennis wear, and of course the apron is just above it, and there is nothing that hides the crotch that is not wearing shorts, as is normal. From the exposed crotch, either a chemical light or an LED, or a stick-shaped light that emits pink light as if sneaking into the vagina, shook from the vaginal opening.

And then, her head had a cat ear headband and her hands had a cat hand.

“” “Ah, Ana-chan is so cute !!” ”

男 Sake men are cheering with desperate expressions. Ana wears a modified sailor suit. This is a proper uniform except for the skirt cut to the rise, and Ana wears a pure white underwear. However, the worst thing about Renya is that her appearance is not pointed out. It was something that could be said.

“… Maybe Renya, have you forgotten this too?”

“She says that she has set up this meeting in the stunning Renya. It is not used as a meat urinal turned from the school. The setting was made with a clear interest. In other words, it was a tragedy that would set various unfamous rumors to Renya. However, it was only the person who was fighting, and the reaction around him was just about putting out a handy meat urinal because Yuna couldn’t hold it.


However, this Anna is tilting the bottle of beer with a trumpet while looking like that, swaying his waist from side to side in a state of no appearance. It was a miserable figure as a woman compared to Yuna next door, and she wanted to refrain from the partner unless she was a loli hobby or a boy who wanted to ejaculate in the hole for the time being.

“Well, it looks good. It just doesn’t seem to be ‘wielding’. The school side is also troubled so that it can be turned around with club activities. There ’s nothing you ca n’t do ”

】 She didn’t hear her follow.

“Fun, huh, huh ~”

ユ Shake her hips and Yuna walks. Hold the beer bottle with the cat hand, swallow the light into the vagina meat and walk behind the men. The goal is to sit down, where the director of tennis and soccer sits, dropping the joy juice from the tip of the light.

“Wow, it ’s a beautiful ma-ko”


明 る く The brightly lit secrets are obscenely wet. The color is pale and beautiful, and the vagina hole that tightly tightens makes you feel that you will see the tightness. Slightly floating sweat and the scent of love juice flowing down stimulate the nostril, convincing that the female hole is a meat urinal experienced by men. The owner was registered in the heroine ranking as soon as he entered the school and became a hot topic.

“It ’s really nasty.”

“That’s right. Please check back later with Ochi.

Such a beautiful face is dyed with pleasure. Such a beautiful genitalia swallows a meat stick and blows out love juice. I can’t believe it in the broadcast video, but now she walks in front of her eyes, and she can participate in the gangbang event going on. That fact makes the men harder meat sticks.

“Director. Thank you for waiting.”

“Yes, it was a good dance”

Yuna puts her knees in front of the director’s dish and exposes her genitals in a heel posture. A beer bottle is held in the hand as soon as it is poured from now on, and a light peeks through the open genitals. When she gave her a cup, she broke the legs that were crossing her legs and grabbed Yuna’s crotch light with her toes.

“It’s a really nasty meat urinal. Can’t wait any longer?”

“Yes. If you think you can gang up now, the soup wo n’t stop.”

¡It is lit in pink that the labia tangled around the light axis. The light that is moved up and down is applied to the joy juice and scratches the vagina meat smoothly. However, it can be clearly seen from the side that the general manager is tightened and fixed without dropping even if the toe is released, and that the tightening will be good. Attracted by the boys, the vaginal meat was scratched with foreign objects, but Yuna’s expression was faintly dyed.

“Yes, please also the manager of the soccer club.”

“Oh, thank you”

酌 And the manager of the soccer club will be moaned in the same way, playing with the light buried in the vagina meat. If you look straight ahead, the tip of the exposed breast and its nipple will erect small and hard, and if you stretch the chopsticks in a mischief, she will stick out the chest without avoiding it, and you can pick the protrusions with chopsticks as you like.

“Now, football. Would you like to eat this sashimi, soy sauce, but different seasonings?”

“Condiment or salt?”

“No, no, there is a good salty seasoning there.”

And Yuna’s crotch shown. I don’t know what that means, but Yuna, who understands what is required, puts a beer bottle aside and puts her hand behind her back in the stance of a spear, sticking out the secrets in front of the directors.

“It ’s a great sight. Have you enjoyed it without knowing it?”

“Is it natural? The special training for meat urinals is the main part of my circle”

”The director says while removing the light buried in the vagina meat. Yuna’s crotch puts the light on the tray, picks a large Toro sashimi with chopsticks, and opens in front of her. The sashimi is screwed into the vaginal opening with plenty of joy juice.

“Oh, it’s cold”

“Do you feel good?”

“Yes. It ’s nice to be messed with fish.”

Swaying vagina meat tightens sashimi and chopsticks. Move the chopsticks to scratch the vagina meat, apply a lot of love juice, and carry the extracted sashimi to your mouth.

“Yeah, delicious”

“Now, me too”

Next, the manager of the soccer club. There is no avoidance in using the joy juice of Yuna who became a meat urinal. Washing is taken for granted, and if you care about the degree, you can’t share a meat urinal in the circle. Therefore, after enjoying the sashimi with plenty of love juice, the directors release Yuna.

“Now I ’ll go around your seat.”

“It ’s good to have a lot of fun.

Unveiling Yuna, the directors suddenly look toward Ana. She appears to piss, steals the boy’s cup, and drinks beer at a stretch. Boys poured in empty cups seem to be very annoyed, and the boys give up their eyebrows in an annoying way, even though they give a rough nose breathing service.

“No, no, that is”

“… If you accept it, the expenses will increase. However, it ’s not fun to do vaginal cum shot like a duty.”

Renya looks at Yuna, who is jealous of the boys.

酒 Pour liquor, tamper with the light in the vagina and, if required, squeeze into the vagina and behave in love juice. That is exactly the work of Miss manners. No, as long as I haven’t paid for it, it’s tempting to compare with them. She is a meat urinal, and she has become a banquet toy with a smile.

“Oh, the root of the tiger.


Renya, who doesn’t feel drunk, pours beer into a cup served in front of her. A woman who was said to be Ana senior if she returned her gaze. Rethinking that she had no memory in the world beyond, even if she was not interested.

“Kakekekekeke, is this immature body lustful? It ’s awkward that middle-aged father knows the value of me, which is very popular.

“Yeah, my seniors are beautiful.”

In the flattering of Renya, you can see a blue line on Ana ’s forehead.

“Huh, uh. I forgot !!!!“ Why are you here? Go home! ”! Collected meat urinals together and passed through without question and answer. Do you forget your work !!!

同時 At the same time as Anna shouts loudly, the banquet hall hurts so quietly.

(Wow, the root tiger is)

(Can you say that in front of you, are you?)

(That’s impossible. Lastly, it will squeeze until you cry while being beaten with a fist.)

(… Len)

A little later, you can hear a voice that talks with each other.

“Fu, fufufu, I knew that I was a real meat urinal anyway. I didn’t know the collection or something, but let me compensate for the crime that hurt my virginity … I heard “Otome?” Right now, I heard it well.Kufufufufu, be prepared in the return service area.I will squeeze until I cry in the crowd! ”

Sana screaming, changing the tip of the sword and pointing at one of the men in the soccer club. As the boy turns her face blue, Anna, who turned to Renya, declares her sailor out. While exposing the naked body without any unevenness and no appeal.

“That’s awkward or messy! Yeah, gangbang, production, ah ah ah ah!”


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